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Calvary Christian School has traditional, multi-grade classrooms. The program and curriculum is carefully designed to assure maximum learning. The teacher/student ratio allows for individual attention for each student. Test scores indicate that most CCS students test at or above the national norm. Very large numbers of our graduates go on to higher education. Our program is divided into three main divisions:

Kindergarten K-3 through K-5

The preschool years are critical to the development of a child’s personality. The foundation for the rest of their school experience is built in these early years.

Elementary Grades 1st –6th

These years are the time when the “basics” are developed. The “key” academic skills (reading, math, language arts, and thinking skills) are established.

Jr. High-High School Grades 7th-12th

These years prepare the students for success in college or careers. Study skills are developed along with relational skills.